Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Rogue Running - Mental Training Podcasts

 Rogue Running - Mental Training Podcasts:
Then with the main topic, they talk about why mental training is important and lay out a framework for a podcast series on mental training with more episodes to come.
hen, Steve and Chris continue their series on mental training, delving further into the first component of their mental framework - the battle plan. With this installment, they help you think about what motivates you to run and then walk you through the steps to create a statement of purpose for your running. If you can't answer the fundamental question - "why do you run?" - then it will be difficult to set big goals and achieve them down the road
Then, we continue our series on mental training with this 3rd episode in the series (also check out episodes 6 and 11). In this episode, Steve and Chris talk about visioning and goal setting for your running. You might think it's cheesy, but we promise creating a vision board will change how you approach your training and place you on a path to achieve big goals!
Then, we continue our series on mental training and begin discussing the mental tools (or weapons) you can put to use to become a stronger runner. Self talk and visualization are two of those weapons. Learn what they are and how to put them to work in your favor.
With episode #20, we continue our series on mental training, discussing additional mental tools that you can add to your tool kit to prep for workouts or races. In this episode, we cover problem solving, resilience training, and an exercise to help you overcome limits.
We start with a thorough recap of the Prefontaine Classic and then continue our series on Mental Training with this episode on Personal Power. This is for running and for life... listen in as we give you 4 steps to harnessing your personal power and learning to use it by living in the present. This might be a little "woo woo" for some of you, but we promise that the core principles will be life changing if you give it a try.
In this episode, we continue our series on mental training, discussing additional tools that you can put into practice for workouts and races. With this edition of the series, we talk about facing your fears and about how to manage your stress response going into a big workout or event.

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